MelanieTM has been designed to make your 2D gel and blot image analysis work easier and faster, and to give you confidence in your results. Here are a few of its overarching features:

Supports quantitative and qualitative applications

Melanie lets you perform all your gel-based protein expression profiling with one simple, comprehensive solution so that you do not need to install, maintain or master several software packages.

Depending on the purchased modules (Classic, DIGE and/or Coverage), you will get access to the chosen functionality. Read this article to help you decide which module(s) fits your needs, or contact us for a discussion. Learn more about:

Optimized workflow

Melanie guides you through the image analysis process with a step-by-step workflow, offering the functionality and information needed for the current task.

There is a high degree of overlap and similarity between the expression analysis and coverage analysis flows. So, you won’t feel lost when analysing different types of projects. Yet, the process, views and tools are specifically adapted to each application/module, for maximum efficiency and the most specific answers to your biological questions.

3D views everywhere

In Melanie, the 3D view is available throughout for visualizing and making decisions, but also for getting the job done. It allows very precise positioning of your matches and removes guesswork associated with adjusting detection parameters, editing spots or setting spot filter thresholds. It is also invaluable for reviewing spot coverage status or proteins of interest, and when investigating image acquisition problems.

You are not limited to showing a 3D view for a single spot, area or image. The 3D view is displayed for all images, with the desired zoom factor, and can be combined with the 2D view. Users who migrate to Melanie from other software tell us that they have never known their images so well!

3D view in Melanie 2D gel and blot image analysis software

Unequaled flexibility

Optimized, yet highly adaptable image display choices give you full liberty over how you want to group and layout your images for viewing, and let you choose your preferred combination of 2D and/or 3D views. No other software allows you to adjust the specific views with such ease and flexibility.

To help you stay in control of your analysis and adapt to non-standard or suboptimal experiments, Melanie offers a high degree of flexibility at all levels, from multiple alignment or coverage editing views and tools, through extra normalization methods and options, advanced workflow settings, and customizable plots.

Free viewer functionality

Even without a license, you can view your gel images, check their quality and consistency, verify if you have a consistent and balanced experimental design, and plan your alignment strategy. This way, you’ll be up and running in no time once you get your purchased license.

Better yet, any collaborator that has Melanie installed, even without license, will be able to view the results of an analysis carried out with the licensed software. So you can easily share your work and scientific discoveries.

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