Differential Protein Expression Analysis

HCP Antibody Coverage Analysis

MelanieTM Classic / DIGE

MelanieTM Coverage

For scientists investigating biological processes by characterizing samples in terms of relative protein abundance and posttranslational modifications.   For scientists involved in the development or use of immunoassays aimed at monitoring Host Cell Protein (HCP) impurities in biopharmaceutical products.
Designed to detect statistically significant differences in protein expression between experimental groups, with high objectivity, sensitivity and confidence. Designed to analyze 2D-PAGE based coverage, i.e. the percentage of immunodetection that an antibody reagent offers for the total population of HCPs.
Supports images from a wide range of 2D-PAGE based methods:
• Conventional 2-DE
• 2D Differential in Gel Electrophoresis (2D-DIGE)
• Other multiplexed technologies without internal standard
Supports images from a wide range of 2D-PAGE based methods:
• Conventional 2-DE followed by 2D Western blotting
• 2D Differential In Blot Electrophoresis (2D-DIBE)
• Immunoaffinity chromatography followed by 2D-DIGE
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A single software for HCP Antibody Coverage and Differential Expression analysis

Try these exciting new features in Melanie 9.2.3!

In addition to these software-wide features, the Coverage module now includes even more functionality to minimize bias, save time and wow your team with an in-depth HCP antibody coverage analysis:

  • Coverage quadrants to ensure your antibody binds different size and charge categories of proteins
  • Coverage range to gauge the robustness of your analysis, save time and avoid the subjectivity of spot status editing
  • Presence summary to look at variations in immunodetection at the single protein level
  • Presence plot to review if coverage status edits are congruent with the presence filter thresholds

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Guided step-by-step workflow

Unequaled flexibility in image visualization

Supports all common detection methods and image formats

Free Viewer functionality

Melanie offers significant time savings with the intuitive step-by-step workflow. Tools dedicated to each analysis stage let you feel confident that you accomplish the necessary steps and checks for the highest quality results. Melanie gives you full liberty over how you want to group and layout your images for viewing, and lets you choose your preferred combination of 2D and/or 3D views. No other software allows you to adjust the specific views with such ease and flexibility. Melanie supports any type of staining, including colorimetric, fluorescence and functional group specific stains, as well as DIGE images or western blots. Similarly, all common image formats can be analyzed, including TIFF, GEL, MEL, IMG, GSC and 1SC files. Melanie lets you open your gel images and check their quality even without a license. Any collaborator will be able to view the results of an analysis carried out with the licensed software, so you can share your work and scientific discoveries. Installing the license will unlock all functionality.