Melanie 9.2.1 (2019.11.7.0)

This page describes the new features, changes and fixes that were introduced in the Melanie software since the release of Melanie 9.2.0 (2019.6.13.0).

You can learn about the installation requirements and instructions for Melanie 9.2.1 (2019.11.7.0) in its Readme file.



  • Only the first line of a project’s Comment is shown in the Projects screen. Nevertheless, the Comment can now only be edited via the Project properties.

Quality control

  • Clarification of messages and options when adding gels to a project and transferring the crop area from an already analyzed image to the other images, in order to avoid involuntary loss of alignments and results.


  • In the Coverage tab of the General options, there now is an option Display spot details on Coverage plot that can be unticked if desired.


  • Export Data is now possible from the Presence summary sheet.

Fixed bugs


  • Creating a project with white space(s) at the end failed.

Quality control

  • Primary reference info was lost when removing gels from a project in the Quality Control step.
  • For projects of type Coverage (not DIGE/DIBE), the software could crash when renaming an image in the Quality control table or thumbnails.
  • When creating a new custom strip in the Edit pI/MW screen, the software could crash while editing steps.
  • Error on the management of predefined IPG strips in the Edit pI/MW screen, causing markers to become editable or being removed from the pI plot.


  • Presence filter thresholds and spot presence state information were lost when going back to the Alignment step and switching between alignments in the tree view.
  • Software could crash when editing matches in 3D view after automatic alignment in projects with hierarchical alignment.
  • After adding images to a previously analyzed project, there were no spots in the Alignment screen.


  • Changes in Detection input did not always update the detection results.

Experimental design

  • Crash when removing an image from a factor level by drag and drop.

Spot edition

  • Incorrect message when attempting to edit spots while Warp image is activated.


  • In the Presence summary screen, changes to spot presence state were not updated on the images after Reset modifications.

Annotations, spot sets, validation columns

  • Crash when creating an annotation on a spot.
  • Spot sets created in the Expression ratio table were not visible (did not appear in column settings) in the Anova table.

Display area

  • The bending cursor in the Adjust contrast window was sometimes wrongly positioned when the dialog was opened from the Options icon in the Toolbar of the Display area.


  • Reset modifications does not close the annotation box in the table toolbar that was created after Display ‘…’ values > Show label.


  • Images with a “#” character in their name were not exported to certain sections of the Project report (PDF).
  • In the Data export, unticked spot abundance fields were exported anyway.