Melanie Support Terms

Licensee’s entitlement to receive Support for Melanie is subject to the terms and conditions set out below. Any capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in SIB’s End User License Agreement (Agreement) for the Melanie software (Software). These Melanie Support Terms were last edited on November 30, 2021.

1. Support scope

  1. Support is provided for Licenses with a current Maintenance Period or lease term. SIB has no Support obligation for Evaluation Software and Viewer Software, or for perpetual licenses for which the Maintenance Period expired and was not renewed. Nevertheless, SIB will always endeavor, in its sole discretion, to provide support services for such software, though the priority level will be lower than for Licensees with a current maintenance.
  2. Support includes help with the download, installation and use of the Software, notably through online training or in the form of recommendations and guidance on existing features of the Software. SIB’s support team will also investigate demands to fix errors in existing Software code or consider suggestions to enhance future versions of the Software. Availability of different types of Support is subject to the Software’s Lifecycle phase.
  3. Licensee is entitled to receive any Updates as part of Support, though SIB does not guarantee that Updates will be released by a given date. While SIB may send notifications about some Updates, it is Licensee’s responsibility to regularly check if a new Update is available at or and to effectively apply the Updates.
  4. Professional services related to software installation and administration, procurement, on-site training, customizing software code or other services not specifically outlined herein are not included as part of Support. Nevertheless, software code customizations or other professional services can be arranged on a fee-per-use basis.

2. Support availability

Support is available Monday to Friday (except Swiss public holidays), from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central European Time. SIB will provide technical support assistance:

  1. through email (,
  2. via its website (,
  3. with free remote assistance using online meeting software, where applicable,
  4. by telephone (+41 22 379 50 50).

3. Response objectives

Upon receipt of a support request and provided that the contact is a registered Licensee or Authorized User, SIB’s support team will create a case and carry out an analysis. SIB will send an initial response confirming receipt of the request or error report within two business days. This initial response will include one or more of the following, as applicable:

  1. an answer,
  2. an indication of a remediation action,
  3. a temporary workaround,
  4. a request for additional information or assistance required by SIB from Licensee to diagnose the error or symptoms,
  5. a recommendation to install an Update that fixes the error,
  6. an approximate time frame for the availability of an Update that fixes the error,
  7. any other technical update to the case.

For the purpose of clarity, SIB does not commit to resolving every error. SIB will determine in its sole discretion whether to provide a resolution to the software issue or a temporary workaround for the software issue.

4. Exclusions

SIB may not provide Support if an error is found to be caused by one or more of the following excluded factors. Though SIB may, at its own discretion, offer Support against payment of Service Fees for errors related to such factors:

  1. Altered, damaged or modified Software (save for those alterations or modifications made by SIB).
  2. Software that is no longer supported (see Lifecycle and end-of-life).
  3. Defects or errors caused by incorrect use of the Software or operator error.
  4. Defects or errors caused by failure to implement reasonable recommendations in respect of or solutions to defects provided by SIB.
  5. Software installed in a hardware or operating environment not supported by SIB, no longer supported by the creator of the hardware or operating environment, or installed in an operating environment that was not mentioned in the Release notes installed with the Software.
  6. Third party software not licensed through or supported by SIB.
  7. Defects or errors caused by any fault or error in the equipment, programs, applications or products used in conjunction with the Software, or otherwise resulting from causes beyond the reasonable control of SIB.

5. Licensee’s responsibilities

Licensee shall provide cooperation and assistance to SIB when the latter provides Support. Such cooperation and assistance shall include but not be limited to:

  1. The timely transmittal and release to SIB of appropriate and accurate documentation and information, including images and projects, if needed.
  2. Remote access to Licensee’s environment where the defect can be reproduced and traced.

6. SIB’s responsibilities

  1. SIB will notify Licensee upon completion of a support request and will allow another 7 business days during which Licensee may submit questions and concerns related to the support request before the said request is deemed fulfilled and closed.
  2. During its provision of Support to Licensee, SIB may receive confidential or proprietary information relating to Licensee or Licensee’s business. SIB accepts not to use such information for any other purposes than for the purpose of providing support to Licensee.

7. Modifications

SIB reserves the right to modify the Melanie Support Terms at its discretion and without notice.