Melanie 9.2.3 (2020.5.12.0)

This page describes the new features, changes and fixes that were introduced in the Melanie software since the release of Melanie 9.2.2 (2020.4.1.0).

You can learn about the installation requirements and instructions for Melanie 9.2.3 (2020.5.12.0) in its Readme file.

Fixed bugs

Quality control

  • Validation of images (Include/Exclude) didn’t work until one image or gel was excluded via a checkbox on an image thumbnail.
  • Contrast adjustment in Image edition was not saved for images not Included in the analysis.
  • Unwarranted save messages (in different workflow steps) when images were added to previously analyzed projects.
  • In the Edit pI/MW screen, predefined IPG strip definitions were editable.


  • Crash when saving Normalization factor table in Excel format (.xlsx).
  • Expression ratio table could not be exported in Excel format (.xlsx).
  • Save to file of tables with few columns (e.g. Ratio table in Alignment, Expression ratio table in Results) could display a settings window where the OK and Cancel buttons were not correctly positioned.