We offer flexible product and licensing options in order to meet varying demands. Please take a look at the different possibilities and specify your selection when you request a quote. Not sure about the most appropriate and cost-effective choice for your projects? Contact us and we’ll get in touch to discuss your needs and propose an adapted solution.

Classic, DIGE or Coverage version

There are three versions of Melanie available for purchase:

Need help to choose your version?

Licensing options

Classic, DIGE and Coverage versions of MelanieTM can be purchased as a perpetual license, including two years of free technical support and upgrades, or leased for 3-month periods.

  Lease Perpetual license
  3-months Node-locked Floating
Appropriate for Users who require MelanieTM only for a given project and time period Non-networked system environments or users who require constant availability of MelanieTM Customers wanting to share any number of software licenses between multiple users who require MelanieTM infrequently or for short or irregular periods
Computer on which MelanieTM can be used fixed  fixed any computer in same network as license server
Number of concurrent users 1  1* any**
Use of all software functionality 3 months***  unlimited  unlimited
Free upgrades and support duration of lease  2 years  2 years
Available product versions Classic and DIGE  Classic and DIGE  Classic and DIGE

* Additional licenses are available at a discounted price.
** Limited to the purchased number of users.
*** After expiration of the lease, results are available in the MelanieTM demo mode.

Multi-user and additional licenses

We offer special discounts for multi-user licenses. Please note that these can constitute a mix of Classic, DIGE and Coverage licenses.

Customers with a current maintenance subscription qualify for a discounted price on additional licenses they would like to purchase.

Software upgrades and support

When purchasing a perpetual license, a two years maintenance subscription is included during which all technical support and software upgrades are free. Upon expiration of this period, you can renew your maintenance subscription for another two years. If your maintenance is still active, you can download the latest software version.

In case your maintenance subscription lapsed, you can purchase an upgrade to the latest version that will include a two years maintenance subscription. Discounts for such upgrades will depend on the version you are upgrading from. Therefore, when requesting a quote for an upgrade, please specify the latest version you have a license for.

Educational licenses

Please contact us if you represent an institute or organization that would like to use MelanieTM purely for educational purposes. We will get back to you to discuss the possibilities.