Why choose MelanieTM?

  • Our MelanieTM software is continuously at the fore-front of 2D gel analysis. During the last 30 years, it has constantly been improved and maintained by a team of the renowned SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. This access to world class talent, expertise and technology allows us to offer you the most relevant solutions.
  • MelanieTM lets you detect real differences in protein expression with high objectivity, sensitivity and confidence. This is made possible through image quality control, 100% spot matching and the use of statistical tests that take into account the design of your experiment. With less false positives, you save time and money otherwise wasted on downstream analysis of protein changes that are merely due to biological variation.
  • Your analysis time will be significantly reduced with the intuitive step-by-step workflow and powerful strategies which increase efficiency of alignment with no need for spot editing.
  • Clear image analysis guidance and robust default settings will give new users an easy start. However, MelanieTM lets you stay in control of your analysis. It offers unequaled flexibility at all levels, from image display choices, through normalization options and advanced workflow settings.
  • MelanieTM‘s free viewer functionality permits you to easily share your work and scientific discoveries so you can collaborate with colleagues all over the world.
  • You can download MelanieTM and try it with your own data, or you can request a free on-line demonstration, with your own images if so desired. We also offer free on-line training for our new customers for a quick start-up, and of course direct support from our Customer Success Team.
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