You can find the Coverage Tutorial files in the folder Tutorials in the software installation directory. They come from a 2D Differential In Blot Electrophoresis (2D-DIBE) experiment aimed at assessing coverage, i.e. the percentage of immunodetection that an antibody reagent offers for a population of HCPs.

An E. Coli HCP sample was pre-labeled with Cy5TM and separated on a 2D gel. Protein was transferred from the gel to a membrane. The blot was then incubated with an anti-E. Coli HCP polyclonal antibody and a Cy3TM pre-labeled secondary antibody, and imaged for Cy5 and Cy3 to detect HCP antigen and anti-HCP antibody signals, respectively. The experiment was carried out in duplicate (Blot1 and Blot2)

Blot Cy3 Cy5
Blot1 anti HCP antibody HCP antigen
Blot2 anti HCP antibody HCP antigen