We understand the importance of choosing the right software solution for your 2D gel and blot analyses. Before making a purchase decision, you want to make sure that the software works for you, possibly with your own images. You can therefore download a trial version of MelanieTM here, to evaluate the application and discover how it will benefit your research. Almost immediately after registration, you should receive an email with the download link. Please check your Spam/Junk folder if you don’t see it in your incoming email.

Before installing Melanie, you can consult the system requirements and documentation. Please note that you need administrative permission to install Melanie.

Melanie is fully functional when analyzing the tutorial images that can be found in the installation folder. So, you can carry out a complete analysis from start to finish, to discover the software’s workflow and features, and to judge for yourself how powerful and flexible it is. Three tutorial data sets are available for unrestricted analysis:

To test-drive the software with your own images, you can request a trial license. Trial licenses unlock all software functionality for a limited time or for specific images. They are for demonstration or evaluation purposes. To enable continued use of Melanie, you can purchase and install a full license.

Note that even without a license, you can already import your own images to check their quality, and define your experimental design and alignment setup. From the alignment step, you need a license to continue with the analysis.

It is important to realize that proper experiment design and image quality are critical to ensure reliable and meaningful results. The vast majority of analysis problems arise from mistakes made during the experiment design or image acquisition stages. You may therefore want to check our Experimental design guide and Imaging guide to remind you of the basics and get some guidelines.

For a quick start with Melanie, we recommend you request a free online demonstration via our contact form. During the demo session, an application specialist will:

  • Show the analysis workflow and introduce you to some of Melanie’s key functionality
  • Offer recommendations and tips to get you started quickly with the software
  • Advise you on image acquisition, experimental design and best practices
  • Answer your questions about the software, and about the available product and licensing options
  • Explain the two different trial options to evaluate Melanie with your own gel or blot images

For technical questions popping up while installing or evaluating Melanie, reach out to our Customer Success Team for help.